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Young leaves of Ulmus Parvifolia, small-leaved elm tree, against the sky.jpg


Robinson Nursery sells wholesale bare root trees & shrubs as well as container trees. We offer over 300 different varieties of shade trees, ornamental trees and shrubs. We grow plants that are hardy for zones 3 through 9. As a licensed grower of many named cultivars we are able to offer a great selection of some of the most asked for varieties of trees and shrubs. Our company is located in the Willamette Valley just south of McMinnville Oregon. Our mild climate is moderated by the Pacific Ocean, located just 30 miles to the west. Our soil is rich and deep and water is abundant and clean. All these factors play a part in our ability to grow excellent, high quality trees and shrubs.

Our digging season begins at the end of October. Our plants are then held in cold storage until they are shipped. We begin our shipping season in January and continue to send product throughout the United States and Canada until May.

Please reference our catalog for complete plant and business information and if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the sales representative for your area or our home office.

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