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Branched (br): are typically two year top trees that are well branched. These trees are perfect for the container grower that wants quick turns or the field grower that is looking to reduce developmental labor costs.

Clump (cl) : A group of plants growing together to form on plant.

Grow Ready Liners™ (GRL ™) :All our container trees are grown in air root pruning containers. These containers are specifically designed to create a more fibrous root system allowing you to plant difficult to transplant varieties with confidence. Air pruning roots as they grow eliminates circling roots that may cause the tree to girdle later in life. Mulching is used to reduce the need for herbicide which has provided us with accelerated root growth, as well as enhanced tree caliper. Plants are shipped in biodegradable mesh that is easily removed before planting. This process allows us to recycle the plastic containers, helping the environment while GRW_!lt, W reducing shipping charges.

GRL™: A 3 gallon container plant comparable to a 5-6' bare-root whip. The root system on a GRL ™ is superior to a bare-root plant. These plants are well rooted and developed in an air root pruning container.


36" gft GRL™: 3 gallon container plant that is Top ­Grafted at 36".

GRL™ #3 ms: 3 gallon multi-stem container plant.

GRL™ 5 Stem: 3 gallon container plant made up of 5 evenly spaced plants in a single container to create a single plant.

GRL™ Shrub Form: 3 gallon container shrub.

GRL™ Tree Form: 3 gallon container plant. The term 'Tree Form" identifies a plant that is typically a shrub but we have made a tree.

GRL™ Prem: is our "premium" 3 gallon container plant comparable to a 5-6' branched tree. These have the same great root system as the original GRL TM but are typically a year older. This is one of the best valued products in our line.

#7 GRL™: Comparable to a 6' branched to 1 "branched tree. They have a 7 gallon root system that has been air pruned allowing larger, more difficult varieties to transplant with ease and hit the ground growing. #7 GRL TM typically grow more quickly than a bare-root of the same size making them the best option for quick turn container shift ups.

GRL™ #7 ms:  7 gallon multi-stem container plant.


Light Branched (It): Similar to branched trees, except they have less or shorter branches. These plants will take more time to develop the heads but are an economical choice for the grower that has time to develop the canopy and growers looking for larger caliper plants to line out.

Undercut (uc): are trees root pruned in our fields with special equipment. An undercut tree can be root pruned 1 or sometimes 2 times. Trees are undercut to control sizing to customer specification. The process of undercutting also increases the transplant ability by creating a more fibrous and compact root system.

Weeping Trees: have pendulous branches and are graded differently than our typical bare-root plants. They are graded: Heavy(Hvy), #1, and #1 light (#1 It).

Heavy (hvy) and #1:  are ideal for planting into containers or for the field grower looking for a more developed head. The primary difference between heavys and #1 are the caliper.

#1 light (#1 It): is a good value to a field grower that has time to develop the head and caliper.

Whips (wh): are typically one year top trees. Depending on the variety, these trees will range from light or minimal branching to no branching at a




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