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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in business?
Robinson Nursery was founded by Rick and Roxanne Robinson, part time, in 1984 and began operating full time in the early 1990's.

​​​What is the Robinson Nursery succession plan?
Brothers, Chris Robinson and Josh Robinson, have begun to take over ownership of the company and will continue to do so over the next several years.

What are your primary products?

90% of our nursery stock is ornamental and shade trees, 10% are shrubs; of those plants: 50% are bare-root and 50% are container plants.

How many acres are in production?
650 acres.400 acres are nursery stock; 14 of those acres are greenhouses. The additional 250 acres are vegetable crops for seed, corn, and wheat.

Who are your customers?

We sell to the contiguous United States and Canada. The majority of our customers are located in the eastern half of the United States. We sell to B and B growers, container growers, re-wholesalers, online retailers, and garden centers. Our customers field plant Robinson Nursery liners as well as pot the liners into containers.

How do I tell what is a container liner in the catalog or availability?
In our catalog, varieties that offer the GRL™ option display the GRL TM logo in the plant description. GR@W The specific sizes offered in GRL TM are marked as GRL ™ in the size column. If it is not specified GRL TM Ar•ov LINERS" in its size name, it is a bare-root plant.

Why do you net your Grow Ready Liners""?
Netting all our container plants is a win-win for everyone. Using netting instead of shipping in containers allows us to fit 10% more product onto a truck. A netted plant is also much lighter than a plant in a container. The easy to remove netting saves you the time and hassle of removing and recycling those pesky containers. Netting is better for the environment and it is the best value for you!


How do you ship your product?
We use trucking brokers nationwide to find the best, most affordable, refrigerated trucks and rail cars. We have a minimum order of $1,500 to make these logistics possible.


Where do you source your plant material from?
Our in house propagation department propagates 95% of what we plant. The other 5% of plant material comes from trusted local suppliers.



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